For the Genetics lab : Create detailed portraits from family history

AutoGenetics is AutoLIMS’ genetic testing module, which provides complete support for the technical preparations and analysis unique requirements of the genetics evolving world, while enjoying the look & feel of the AutoLIMS product suite. Any type of procedure, such as cytogenetic karyotyping, FISH, flow cytometry or molecular mutation analysis, can be integrated, from the genetic counseling phase, through the testing process, to automatic generation of the final evaluation report – every aspect of each step in the processing of every requisition is fully documented.

AutoGenetics can capture extensive sample and patient meta-data the lab wishes to maintain, such as ethnic origin for several generations, known diseases in the family, etc. The data provided can then be used to direct testing and assist in their interpretation.

AutoGenetics enables full customizations of the workflows within the Genetics lab by combining state of the art technological support solutions with fully customizable HTML screens generated on the fly using adaptable style sheets. This infrastructure allows the lab to continuously adapt to emerging technologies and workflows that rapidly changes in the genetics environment.

  • Support of sequential, step-by-step procedures, such as Southern Blot tests, or PCR-restriction-enzymes procedures.

  • Customized reports available for each client per procedure.

  • Assigning positions of samples in tray wells, or blots, is automatic and flexible, so keeping track of sample locations is easy.

  • The system handles all specialized testing protocols.