Available Positions

If you think that stms is the organization for you, send your CV to jobs@stms.co.il

There are currently no specific positions available.

All current available openings are posted here. Read closely the job description and qualifications, and press Apply to send us your CV. We’d be happy to receive a cover letter explaining why you applied for a job or telling us anything you want us to know about you. If for some reason you do not complete the recruitment process, your CV will remain in our archives and we might contact you in the future.

We wish you the best of luck !



“We believe there is always a better way to do things. This is why after more than 10 years, my work is still challenging and interesting.”

Dina Shulzinger, Product Manager

“stms is extremely challenging on almost every technological aspect – think out of the box while in it!”

Noam Lugasi, IT Manager

“Ask anyone here. They will all tell you. stms is like a family.”

Dorit Gortstein, QA Engineer

“I feel my work here is meaningful. I am free to express my ideas and I am really making a difference.”

Shiri Naftali, Program Manager

“For me, the client is my partner. My team and I are proud to provide the best possible service.”

Moshe Zahavi, Service & Support Manager