Another good reason to choose your laboratory

Physicians and medical staff are very busy doing their jobs. With the laboratory being such an important factor in their analyses and decision making, it is critical that they have the best access possible to lab services and a full, yet clear picture of the patient’s results.

LabMD is the best gateway to the lab world for physicians and medical staff, providing an optimal solution for different types of interactions with the laboratory. Physicians, nurses, phlebotomists, and medical assistants can have access to lab data, manage their patients’ lab work, and perform lab related work from anywhere, through web and mobile applications.

LabMD is accessible from anywhere, enabling physicians to access complete patient history and perform actions from their home or office via web application.
While on their way, physicians can use the LabMD mobile app to view results, and with a single click, can take actions such as contacting the patient or lab, or marking significant results for a later follow up.

Valuable for the Physicians

LabMD is a real Decision Support System for physicians. It’s a patient-centric system that provides a comprehensive and clear view of the patient’s history. Physicians can identify trends and decide on new testing requests or add-ons that will utilize available samples. “Recently ordered” alerts will prevent unnecessary testing.
The system helps physicians in tracking ordered tests and retrieving new results. It also provides easy access to various statistical reports.
LabMD will be another good reason for physicians to choose your laboratory.

User Friendly

Users at clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals have their hands full treating their patients. With LabMD’s simple and intuitive user interface, completing tasks has never been easier, with the required data being just a few clicks away. The system synchronizes with other systems in their work environment, such as EMR, avoiding the need for re-entering data.
The system’s up-to-date and appealing design, will also drive user engagement.

Smart Samples Collection

Sample collection has never been easier. The system guides the phlebotomist in collecting the needed samples in appropriate containers. The display clearly visualizes collection instructions, and prompts for required data. The phlebotomist can complete the process by scanning barcodes and creating a precise collection time stamp.

Patient notes – demographic, insurance, medical notes, and diagnoses

Patient cumulative results view displays all lab disciplines

Patient standing orders management

Results available via mobile app

Speedy test ordering

Insurance limited coverage validation

Single order can include all lab disciplines

Test add-ons using existing valid samples

    Label printing

    Automated report printing

    Simplified samples collection

    Various statistical reports available

    Personalized dashboard

    Interface with EMR’s and more