Getting the lab work to the lab

For a laboratory, to provide exceptional service, the effort must begin even before the samples reach the laboratory. Accurately collecting and effectively transporting samples and other items between the customers and the laboratories, sets the tone for the quality of service that is to be expected. To perform these tasks in the best way possible, an advanced and intelligent system is needed to assist phlebotomists and couriers to manage their work while enabling managers to track and review the tasks that were performed.

LabWay, an intuitive and easy to use mobile application, enables the traveling phlebotomist and courier to collect and deliver samples, consumables, and packages from clients to lab and vice versa. The application pulls the collection points from the lab and assists the phlebotomist in planning his day.
Comprehensive Solution

LabWay displays the list of locations (clinics, patient service centers, nursing homes, and home pickup) in the route, sorted by distance from his current location. Upon arrival, the list of all required collections is displayed, including the patient’s phone and room numbers, samples to collect, and collection instructions. Visits and collections are logged and can be tracked in real time by the lab back-office. A sample’s chain of custody is maintained from collection through delivery, until completion.

Cost Reduction

LabWay improves the phlebotomist’s time management, reduces the lab travel costs, and instructs the phlebotomist as to the optimal type and amount of tubes. The laboratory can rely on accurate routes capturing, including timestamps of arrival and collection, enabling accurate travel charges to be sent for insurance reimbursement.

Process monitoring

LabWay is directly linked with the LIS, enabling the lab back-office to monitor and adjust the travel plans with new stops and collection needs in real time. Turnaround time reports and alerts can be generated based on actual collection time.

Improved customer service

LabWay enables the traveling phlebotomists to plan their day properly, and arrive prepared. The application clearly indicates the schedule and enables phlebotomists to easily contact and notify patients and clinics on their ETA.

My route – travel plan display by type and distance

Integration with mobile navigation

Check in / Check out – accurate timestamps upon arrival and departure

My collections – detailed patients list in each location

Collection and handling instructions

Communicate with clients by the swipe of a finger

Patient positive identification as a collection condition

Accurate collection – color display of containers and comments

    Camera enabled – scan sample barcodes with the mobile’s camera

    Shipment log – from samples to packages

    Visit log – displays the collection stops

    Environment friendly – Paperless process

    Android and iOS enabled