Full Excel Functionality

At STMS we are continuously working on boosting lab efficiency. Laboratory managers need complete flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of a laboratory without incurring the heavy costs of customization. This month we have added new features to further ensure that lab managers don’t need to juggle between apps, so that they can spend more time focusing on their real jobs. Check out our latest product features below. If you want to hear more about LabOS, contact us for more information or to book a demo.

Full Excel functionality within LabOS

Lab managers face a constant struggle balancing the use of standard applications, such as Excel, and keeping all of their data and records within their LIS.  When facing pressure in a busy lab, Excel can often be the most efficient way to work – especially for complex tests (such as genetics) – which may involve spreadsheets with unique dynamic formulas. However, when users go rogue and don’t use their LIS, a security threat arises, and data is not automatically backed up. Problems also arise when it comes to centralizing or searching for records, or when multiple users are working on a project if external applications are used and not a LIS.

Yes, you can use your favorite apps

Offering a standard spreadsheet can be limiting, as every lab will need to configure their spreadsheets differently and record different forms of data. At STMS, we understand this struggle, and offer our lab managers the best of both worlds with the creation of full Excel support integrated into LabOS, so that there is no need to compromise on efficiency. Juggling apps is no longer necessary as lab managers have exactly what they need as standard within our LIS.

DIY spreadsheet customization

Laboratories can utilize the features of LabOS, such as permissions, backups, customization, data storage, etc., while enjoying the functionality and familiarity of Excel. This boosts efficiency and stops lab users going rogue, saving time and cost, enabling future change, and ensuring security is not compromised.


Full functionality Excel templates can be generated within LabOS using formulae and macros to the customers’ needs. LabOS can also store multiple Excel templates, or import templates from Excel giving users the option of working on several pre-defined spreadsheets.

Automatically update your database

All values in LabOS spreadsheets can be used by the system logic to make changes in the database, and vice versa – changes made in the databases will be reflected in spreadsheet values.


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